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Sultan Aziz: Extraordinaire


Sultan Aziz hails from Aliabad, Hunza, he was only nine years old when his father passed away and this was an immense source of grief for the family. Four years later, tragedy struck again when Sultan’s mother was diagnosed with the psychological illness; Schizophrenia. Sultan recalls how difficult it was to cope with his mother’s illness.
“My siblings and I found ourselves in the position where we became responsible for our mother’s welfare. We had to grow up fast.”
Sultan was deprived of parental guidance, there was no one to push him to complete his homework neither to motivate him to excel in school. In order to support the family, Sultan’s eldest brother and sister left their education to seek employment. Despite the fact that his brother began working with an artist, the family still struggled to make ends meet.
“After watching my brother and sister sacrifice their education to support us, I became highly motivated to excel in my education journey”
Sultan continued his education with the help of various family members and borrowed money, he even moved away from his sibling and lived with his Aunt in order to complete his Matriculation.
Despite these hurdles Sultan successfully obtained 1st position in the Karakoram International University Board exams.
Sultan was unable to fund his Degree and learned about Hashoo foundation from his cousin who lived in Islamabad. Therefore, he moved to Islamabad with the sole intention of securing a scholarship to pursue his degree in Business. Sultan found the scholarship program to be immensely competitive however, he was pleased to eventually obtain his scholarship.
“Hashoo Foundation’s Scholarship was a blessing for me! It was not possible for me to reach this position in my career within such a short span of time, without the support of the Foundation.”
Today, Sultan has a Masters qualification in Finance and he is working as a Credit Administration Officer in a bank in Islamabad. He is proud to share that he has been supporting his family for the previous six years.

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