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The Hashwani family has a long standing heritage of philanthropy dating back to the last six generations. HF follows in the legacy of its pioneer ancestor, known as Mukhi Hashoo (1820-1915), who was active in community service. Institutionalising this tradition, the family established the Hashoo Foundation in 1988 under the chairmanship of Mr. Sadruddin Hashwani…

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We envisage an ethical, equitable, inclusive and progressive society in which people live with dignity and have power over their own lives. It is a blessing from God that Hashoo Foundation has the opportunity to serve humanity irrespective of race, caste, faith or creed. Our mission is to enable and empower communities to be independent by facilitating access to opportunities…

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The mission of Hashoo Foundation is to enable and empower communities to be independent by facilitating access to opportunities, ensuring and enabling environment whereby people we serve are able to live with self-respect and dignity. We feel satisfied within our conscience that we have gone to the greatest extent possible to provide maximum benefit to communities…

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The establishment and consequent evolution of the Hashoo Foundation is based on following values:

  • Humility: acceptance and realisation that it is a blessing from God that we have the opportunity to serve humanity.
  • Empathy: being able to identify with people and communities’ feelings, emotions, and situations…

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Hashoo Foundation aims to:
emphasise on serving marginalised communities particularly women, children and young people across its targeted areas.
provide equitable ‘socio-economic opportunities’ and ensure ‘inclusivity of the interventions’, without compromising on dignity of targeted communities…

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The governing body of Hashoo Foundation consists of 18 members. Hashoo Foundation Pakistan has 11 members, Hashoo Foundation USA has 5 members whereas, Hashoo Foundation UK has 4. These distinguished professionals, activists and entrepreneurs of excellent repute have been elected to the governing body, bringing their diversified skills to the governance of the Foundation…

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Together we make a Difference

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