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Changing Lives!

Changing Lives!

Zabeh Ullah lost his father in an unfortunate accident when he was only 3. Since childhood he saw a tough life, living at some relative’s place, seeing his mother struggle with his young ailing daughter.

“When I was growing, I felt I must do something to change our life, something that would help reduce my mother’s miseries”. 

I stopped studying at F.SC and started working at a shop. At this point in time, I contacted many organizations for financial aid and a job but all my efforts went in vein. It was Hashoo Foundation who held my hand and gave me courage. They helped me with my degree and my sister’s illness. I am grateful to Shamshad Zeren and Nasir Hussain for their co-operation and support. Now I am working with CTC (UNICEF) as a Union Council Communication Support Officer (UCCSO) and enjoying a good life. It was Hashoo Foundation’s timely assistance that not only helped me complete my Master’s Degree but also cured my sister’s disease.

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