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Every Bit helps!

Every Bit helps!

Mr. Abd-ur-Rehman, the breadwinner – and the sole financial provider of a family of 5. Life was a challenge for him especially in these hard and trying times, where paying off the utility bills was a huge task, apart from the other household expenses he had to bear. To make ends meet, Abd-ur- Rehman set up a cart full of children’s garments and roamed around streets. This small scale business would barely pay off his house rent and one time meal, conditions sometimes worsened to an extent wherehis family couldn’t even have that one time meal, and ultimately the neighbors would support them. Due to the financial crisis, his son got dropped out from school, to add to his worries, his elder son, aged 15 gotexposed to GBV, a lethal disease that causes paralysis. This disease needed long term treatment in order to recover fully, Abdu-ur-Rehman, who was already struggling with money, had to sell off his cart and get his child treated. Consequently, his sole income source was ceased and he couldn’t even pay the house rent due to which he got a notification to vacate the house. Although he managed to get his son treated but couldn’t afford his medication.

After facing all these problems, he approached Hashoo Foundation, who sent their Social Welfare team to assess his situation. The team as an emergency relief provided him with Rs. 15,000/- for paying off his pending rent and re-admitting his son to school. They also paid Rs. 3,000/- per month for his son’s medicines.

Hashoo Foundation has always believed in self-sustainable initiatives, having said that and keeping his expertise in mind, they developed a business plan for him. He was suggested to restart his business with more stock, the initial investment was provided by the Foundation. Currently, Abd-ur-Rehman is running a smooth business, paying his household expenses and children’s fee. Upon a follow-up visit he annotated:

My domestic conditions wretched me to strive for two times meal. I remember the disgraceful behavior of the house owner with my family. None of my relatives ever cared to ask about my misery but HF came with a ray of hope. They assisted me more than my expectations. I got my shelter back, my children are now going to school. My family and I will be thankful to HF for our entire life. I believe humanitarianism is alive even today.”    

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