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Farzana Zafar- Taking a Step towards the Better


Farzana Zafar- Taking a Step towards the Better

Farzana Zafar, an active boarder at YDC, has been nominated as Volunteer for National Forum on Provincial Youth Policies. With the efforts of Farzana, a team of 35 boarders at YDC also participated in National forum on youth policies, organized by Bargad Organization for Youth Development (held at Islamabad Margalla Hotel on Sep 10, 2015).

Boarders hailing from Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan actively participated in the event and represented KPK and GB province, they spoke about the issues of youth and way forward in their respective provinces.

I was selected as an organizer of this event, working as a volunteer in Barged since 2014 and representing youth of Gilgit Baltistan in Islamabad. It was my task to convince maximum youth of Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral to attend this event so that they get aware of the youth policies. For this purpose Barged organized five meetings in Islamabad. I actively participated in those meetings and promised to arrange 150 youth. I, successfully convinced 20 girls from Youth Development center Rawalpindi representing different districts of Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral apart from YDC, I also convinced 130 participants from different areas who were representing GB. Bargad forum acknowledged my efforts and awarded me with the certificate. Thank you Hashoo Foundation for helping me discover my potentials.” Exclaimed Farzana

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