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Never Let Go of Your Dreams!

Never Let Go of Your Dreams!

MAQBOOL HUSSAIN HUSSAINI: If you find a guy with camera in his hand and a Culinary Knife in a pocket, then undoubtedly you are meeting with the best chef and a passionate photographer of the town, Maqbool Hussain Hussaini.

While speaking with Hashoo Foundation, Maqbool told his journey of dreams, he opened his eyes in the mesmerizing valley of Chitral, which is known for its beauty and hospitality. Although he moved to Islamabad with his family for better education, he always had an eye for art, culture, photography and fine dining.

To follow his dreams and an ever increasing urge of creating something, Maqbool decided to join the Hospitality Industry. He began his search for a hotel management institution through which he could learn professional innovative cooking and Hashoo Foundation was a perfect fit!

He believes that HF not only offers professional cooking but also provides practical training in five star properties, which is something rare to find. Once Maqbool completed his Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts from the Foundation, He was hired by the same five star property.

Presently Maqbool Hussain is serving as Cook II in Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban.

Maqbool considers himself an extremely lucky guy who is on his way of fulfilling his Dreams with ambition in his eyes, He thanks Hashoo Foundation for the mentoring and guiding him in achieving his life goals!

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