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‘Sharing is Caring’- smallest act of kindness can turn a life around


Islamabad April 28, 2016 Hashoo Foundation in collaboration with Islamabad Police, District Government and Local NGO RANRRA, held its launch of the project ‘Sharing is Caring’. The project aims at collecting unwanted items from urban areas of Islamabad and distributing them among the deserving communities of rural areas. The prime objective of this initiative is to sensitize urban communities and to create sense of responsibility towards the underprivileged. At least 200 families will be provided with basic necessities in the pilot phase of the project.

Capt. Mushtaq Ahmed- Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, Mr. Sajid Kiani- SSP Operations Islamabad), Mr. Latif Khan- Head of Operations RANRRA, Mr. M. Ghalib A. Bandesha- Member, Board of Trustees, HF and Director, External Affairs, Hashoo Group, Sulaiman Dhanani- Country Director Hashoo Foundation, HF BoT and senior representatives of Hashoo Foundation were present at the event.

Commenting at this occasion, Chief Guest, Capt (R) Mushtaq Ahmed, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, appreciated HF’s step towards helping the community. “It is our responsibility to create an ecosystem in which the poor have the chance to seize control of their own lives. Over the past two decades, the rich have been getting richer and the poor have been getting poorer and generally less able to improve their lot in life. This growing inequality has been blamed for every social ill, from crime to addiction. We need to take initiatives to bridge this gap so that people are more able to work their way out of poverty.”

Hashoo Foundation standing true to its motto of leading the way in human development and poverty alleviation, is working towards helping the underprivileged. We live in a truly abundant universe that is filled with opportunities and possibilities, each one of us should commit towards availing these and helping the world at becoming a better place to live.

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