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Summer Camp – Road Safety Session

Group Photo - Summer Camp  - Road Safety Session

RAWALPINDI: Hashoo Foundation conducted a Road Safety Session for recently enrolled Summer Camp kids on June 30th, 2016. This session was organized with the collaboration of Mobile Education Unit, Motorway Zone where Senior Patrolling Officer Mr. Saqib Waheed addressed the kids in detail about the Road Safety Tips, Accident Prevention & presented various relevant video clips. He also addressed the significance of road safety measures while driving; such as the use of seat belts, helmets, use of proper lanes and observing speed limits. Mobile Education Units of National Highways & Motorway Police aims to educate people of all ages belonging to different walks of life. Session was unwrapped by Mr. Fida Karim, Program Manager Rawalpindi, who welcomed the officers of Motorway Police, Summer Camp Kids & Early Childhood Trainees. Around 25 kids were present, who showed their interest and shared their experiences related to Road Safety and following traffic regulations. The purpose of this 15 Days Summer Camp ‘16 is to foster holistic development of children by exploring their inner talents and providing learning opportunities by considering the theory of multiple intelligence. In last, Ms. Shazia Sultan Asst. ECD Officer thanked the attendees. Mr. Arman Ali from Motorway Police, Ms. Hira Communications – HF were also present at the occasion.

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