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Tharparkar Relief Operation

Humanitarian Assistance Program

In the absence of State-sponsored social safety nets, vulnerable families and individuals facing temporary hardships and/or unforeseen expenditures can be easily thrown into an endless cycle of poverty. Our Humanitarian Assistance Program provides support to individuals and/or families through medical, financial and educational assistance. The objective is to enable the poorest of the poor to overcome crises before they exacerbate.

Hashoo Foundation also works for provision of emergency relief to the victims of natural and human disasters. Our work for the victims of the earthquake of 2005, the IDPs’ crisis of 2009, as well as the floods of 2010 reflects our commitment to mitigate the suffering of the disaster-struck population.

Tharparkar Relief Operation

Sahara Fund

On September 20, 2008, a suicide bomb blast hit the Islamabad Marriott Hotel. The catastrophe resulted in the tragic death of over 56 people and more than 260 were injured, some to the point of disability. The delicate social/economic condition of the 600 immediate family members of the victims prompted Sarah Hashwani, Chairperson of Hashoo Foundation to launch “Sahara Fund” for these people on September 20, 2008. In addition to providing medical care for the injured, the Fund sponsors programs to help the families of the victims with their children’s education, medical needs and skills training and employment until they become self-sufficient.Each family’s situation was individually assessed so as to aid them in achieving the same income level they had prior to the explosion.

Health Initiatives

Hashoo Foundation (HF) Health program is divided into two components

1- Basic Health Primitives

  • Real Medicine Foundation-HF Health Project
  • Hashoo Medical Centre Gwadar
  • Hassan Ali Hashwani Dispensary

2- Spinal Cord Injury Project for Pakistan Earthquake Rehabilitation (SCIPPER)

Basic Health Centers

Hashoo Foundation’s emergency health relief component targets vulnerable communities, reeling from the effects of natural or man-made disasters. The Foundation began its relief activities during the catastrophic earthquake in 2005, providing relief to the earthquake affected victims through establishment of a basic health unit in Talhatta, Balakot.

The unit in Talhatta proved to be extremely successful and in the model was replicated by inaugurating Hashoo Medical Center in Gwadar, Balochistan in 2007; Hassan Ali Hashwani Dispensary in Karachi in 2008; and Basic health unit for Afghan refugees, I-12, Islamabad in 2010.
Hashoo Foundation also provided much needed relief to the IDPs of Swat by running an emergency health unit for 9 months (June 2009 – February 2010) in Charsadda, KPK.

Spinal Cord Injury Project for Pakistan Earthquake Rehabilitation

Hashoo Foundation’s Spinal Cord Injury Project for Pakistan Earthquake Rehabilitation (SCIPPER) aims at providing services to spinal cord injury (SCI) patients with educational and vocational training, peer-counseling, care giver services, mobility equipment (wheelchair, canes) and bladder care supplies like catheters. This training gives them the opportunity to learn daily skills to achieve maximum autonomy in their lives.

Together we make a Difference

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