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Thematic Areas

HF’s Thematic Focus & Key Program Pillars

When viewed from the lens of HF’s core competencies, the development needs of the country were distilled into following three thematic program pillars:

  • Economic Empowerment
  • Social Development
  • Environment and Climate Change

There are strong inter-linkages between these pillars. Hashoo Foundation also sees an improved, more responsive governance as an overarching goal for the programs in many ways, which ultimately contributes to women’s and youth’s socio-economic empowerment. Keeping in view the growing urban factor, HF also aims for programming in urban contexts and creating integrated models in selected districts. The strategy also has an emphasis on building resilience across the programs. There are convincing arguments for placing work on DRR and climate change under both the Social Protection and Economic Development pillars – a recognition that work on DRR, climate change and adaptation are essential bridges between responding to humanitarian crises and in the longer run helping people avoid losing hard won gains due to external shocks (whether occurring slowly or rapidly).

Within the text, there are references to “specific” and “mainstreamed” or “cross cutting” programming. The former means distinctive programming often with its own objectives, resources and so on, and the latter focuses on how key cross cutting issues (for example governance, gender equity and building resilience) can be best integrated into all aspects of programming.

Below is the overview of our thematic areas:

Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment is Hashoo Foundation’s (HF) main thematic area. The programs under this theme are designed to improve the economic conditions…

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Social Development

Under this theme, HF’s focus is to equip youth with employable skills that leads to creation of opportunities in employment and self-employment…

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Environment and Climate Change

The aim of this area is to create awareness and strengthen institutionalcapacities for the promotion and protection of our environment and to…

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