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Credit and Enterprise Development (CED)

Hashoo Foundation has a clear focus on mobilizing women for projects that generate income to assist their families.

In 2008, BBC World Challenge produced and published a documentary based on the Women’s Empowerment through Honey Bee Farming Project “Plan Bee”, that revealed how women beekeepers within the program have gained skills that allows them to earn an additional income for their families. This economic up-lift self-reliance enhances women’s confidence and self-esteem allowing them to become a more valued member of their household and their local community. As result of this new disposable income they are better placed to provide their children with better nutrition, education and health care.
The environment in Gilgit-Baltistan (former Northern Areas) and Chitral is comparatively free from insecticides, pesticides and other chemicals usage. The honey produced in these areas has a rich and natural taste, which improves the potential for promoting and marketing of this honey in both the national and international markets.


In response to the increased demand for honeybee farming, and Plan Bee’s global appeal HF through the USA chapter initiated the Credit and Enterprise Development (CED) project with three (3) US universities; Rice University(Micro Finance Program), University of Houston (Microfinance Initiative) and University of St. Thomas Social (Entrepreneurship Program) by singing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), to support the expansion of the Women Empowerment through Honey Bee Farming Project “Plan Bee”.


Some measureable key indicators are as follow:

  • Developed partnership with three US Universities and implemented Credit Enterprise Development Program
  • 60 women received micro-credit loan
  • Women beekeepers procured 100 beehives and strengthened their businesses
  • Enrolment of the children in schools increased

Together we make a Difference

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