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“Plan Bee” – Restoring and improving livelihoods of flood affected women beekeepers


The Hashoo Foundation proposes to restore livelihoods of the flood affected women beekeepers of Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral through provision of equipment (beehive boxes and production kits) training and honey value chain development, which enabled them to restart their lives through expansion of their enterprise. This project was Funded by Small Grants Ambassador Fund Program (SGAFP) – USAID in 2012-13, targeting 250 existing flood affected and 225 new potential women beekeepers

Main activities designed and implemented started with a base line assessment and mobilization in G.B (Skardu: Thurgo and Gamba) (Ghizer: Golodas, Gupis, Damass, Chatoorkhand and Phakora) (Gilgit: Danyore, Oshikandass and Sultanabad) (Hunza: Aliabad, Mominabad, Altit and Shisakat) and Chitral (Shogore, Charun, Booni, Reshun, IZH, Murdan and Mogh). After selection and training of selected beneficiaries production kits were distributed and 16 women business groups were formed. Technical assistance and marketing support was also provided to the beneficiaries to link them with national and international markets.


  • 475 women trained in honey bee farming
  • 16 value chain development training imparted
  • Distributed 1475 beehives and production kits
  • Developed honey bee farming and value chain development manuals
  • 16 women business groups formed
  • 1000 food graded cans distributed among beneficiaries to collect the raw honey
  • 10000 small jars distributed
  • Assist in marketing of honey

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