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Rotary Books for the World Program

Pakistan’s commitment towards the Millennium Development Goal ’Education For All’ is a challenge in a scenario where there are so many impediments in the educational system. Indeed, education at higher velocity is suffering from resource constraints because of existence of under-privileged society.

Keeping in view the importance of education in holistic upliftment of societies, Hashoo Foundation (HF) has built a partnership with Rotary Books for the World program and Rotary Clubs in Pakistan to contribute in improving literacy efforts through educational institutions, learning centers among students, youth and communities across Pakistan. Books and educational material help students to increase knowledge and help develop modern society through knowledge sharing and learning from intellectuals living around the world.

Education through reading is a sustainable and long term learning process frequently associated with experiences of students they attained during their educational journey. Reading books on diverse themes and subjects has a great importance because this is the way to expand students’ knowledge and groom up their vision and skills towards the worldly affairs.

In 2014, Rotary Books for the World and The Second Wind Foundation donated three containers (40 feet each) full of books and educational materials to Pakistan, to improve the literacy efforts by sharing valuable research materials with academic institutions, organizations, libraries and community reading rooms.

HF actively assists in sorting and distributing these books and educational material to educational institutions and organizations. HF, Rotary Club of Islamabad Margalla and Rotary Club Rawalpindi have received 103,182 books ranging from materials that are useful to primary up to higher education levels.

How the distribution process works

  • Classification and sorting of books through HF volunteers.
  • Creating inventory
  • Announcement through social media, website and email to partners ‘Open for All’.
  • Standard Request application made available on multiple venues.
  • SOPs and checklist of applicants i.e. who’s who.
  • Selection of applicants ( institutions) through formal committee.
  • Signing formal MOUs with selected parties.
  • Invitation to all parties, media, partners and local dignitaries to ‘Books Distribution Ceremony’
  • Books distributed to the parties.
  • Follow up to ensure proper utilization.

Together we make a Difference

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