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HF’s Youth Entrepreneurship Competition 2018 KPK

About Hashoo Youth Entrepreneurship Competition

A competition to empower young entrepreneurs to develop their ideas, acquire new skills in entrepreneurship, prepare for accelerators and seed investors, and win financial prizes. The competition will also build and catalyze networks of like-minded individuals and organizations that the young business leaders need to realize their full potential and change the world.

Entry Requirements

The entry period for  HF Youth Entrepreneurship Competition will be till 12th December 2018.

    • The age limit for entry is 18 – 35 years
    • Candidates can enter the competition individually or form teams
    • Submissions must be the candidate/team’s own original work and ideas
    • Have a clear vision of what business you’re trying to create, and have a good idea of the potential and initial investment as well as the issues of the intended business.


    • The top three competition winners—those who represent the best potential for growth and for attracting outside financing—will receive grand prize money.
    • First place receives PKR 100,000 towards their venture. Second place receives PKR 75,000, and Third place receives PKR 50,000.

Special Prizes

    • Best Technology Prize (PKR 35,000)
    • Best Social Impact & Sustainability Prize (PKR 35,000)
    • Scholarships into various courses and Masters of Entrepreneurship Program will be awarded to exemplary candidates

Important Note: The prize money should not be considered as an initial investment or seed money.

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