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A Safer Tomorrow —DP/DRR Intervention in District Chitral and Malakand


Hashoo Foundation is committed to strengthening in-country humanitarian capacity to respond to disasters and supporting people to rebuild their lives and livelihoods after emergencies.

Therefore, HFsuccessfully implemented two phased project in Chitral and Malakand—two of the disaster-prone districts of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces. The projects were:

  • ‘A Safer Tomorrow—Disaster Preparedness in Schools (STDP-1); and
  • ‘A safer Tomorrow—Institutionalization of DRR within Education System (SDTP-2) in KPK.

The first phase was implemented in district Chitral from 2011 to 2012, funded by European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO) and was implemented by HOPE’87 as country partner and Hashoo Foundation as implementing partner. It was an 18-month project which primarily aimed to building capacity and raising awareness on Disaster Preparedness (DP) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in selected schools.

After the successful implementation of the first phase, the second phase was initiated in two districts—Chitral and Malakand—during 2013-14. It was again an 18-month project, which made it mandatory to implement School Based Disaster Risk Management (SBDRM) model in the targeted schools aside from raising DP/DRR-centered awareness at school and community level. To mitigate the hazards of natural disasters threatening school kids and the wider communities, it vehemently concentrated on implementing School Based Disaster Risk Management (SBDRM) in the 45 schools in district Chitral and Malakand.

The second phase or STDP-2 was operationalized in Apr-2013. It focused on institutionalization of DP/DRR into the education system in Chitral and Malakand—the two districts of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, which are extremely vulnerable to natural disaster. The project was implemented in close partnership with District Education Department (DED).


  • Project NOC issued by Education Department & Pakistan Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) helped in rolling out project activities in district Chitral and Malakand;
  • PDMA facilitated the finalization of School Based Disaster Risk Management (SBDRM) model, training manuals and tools;
  • DRR Steering Committee and DRR Sub-working groups were formed for providing an umbrella forum for organizations and civil societies working in DRR;
  • For implementation of the SBDRM model, a Training of Trainers (ToT) for 22 Staff from Provincial Institute of Teacher Education (PITE);
  • The provincial level Master Trainers (MTs), trained 51 teachers (25 in Chitral and 26 in Malakand), whilst the district-level MT trained 134 teachers/Parents Teacher Committee (79 from Chitral and 55 from Malakand) from the selected schools;
  • Clusters further trained 57 Parents Teacher Committee (PTC) members. As a result, the trained teachers and PTC members submitted 88 School Improvement Plans (SIPs) to the Education Departments in both districts;
  • 20 School Safety Plan (SSP) along with school evacuation plan were developed. Furthermore, a tranche of DP/DRR kits were delivered to each targeted schools;
  • DRR curriculum in the targeted schools were introduced;
  • Retrofitting of 3 Safe Places, one in each Union Councils was completed. Each place has the capacity to refuge 4,000 people during any natural calamity;
  • Completion of three water and sanitation project activities to improve health and hygiene condition in the safe places in every Union Council;
  • Minor DRR activities i.e. Door Direction Modification (DDM) in targeted schools to facilitate student’s emergency exit comparatively easier during natural disasters;
  • 20 Community Based Disaster Risk Management Organizations (CBDRMOs) one in each surrounding village of the selected school;

The project has impacted lives of over 21,000 people in Chitral and Malakand districts.

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