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Hashoo Group and Hashoo Foundation (HF) initiated the Sahara Fund Programme to provide relief and rehabilitation facilities to the bomb blast affectees of Islamabad Marriott Hotel, on September 20, 2008 which killed 54 and injured at least 266 people. Relief and rehabilitation plans were executed by Hashoo Foundation and Hashoo Group in collaboration with government, non-government and international donors. Executions of these measures were taken in 2008, soon after the tragic incident providing emergency medical assistance to the blast affectees. The Sahara Fund Programme was formally started in January 2009, aiming to provide financial assistance for the families to ensure their basic needs. This programme continues to assist its beneficiaries.

Summary Report of Total Families

Categories Base Line (2009) New Added Phased Out Current (Till December 2014)
Deceased Hotel’s Staff 31 4 4 31
Injured Hotel’s Staff 2 3 2 3
Deceased Outsider 17 0 9 8
Injured Outsider 8 0 8 0
Total 58 7 23 42

Achievements and Progress

  • Hashoo Foundation Social Welfare Programme (SWP) team had great success in securing donation of PKR. 2 million from Pakistan Bail- ul- Mal for the beneficiaries of Sahara Fund during 2010-2011.
  • Out of 65 families, 23 families have been phased out (18 medically recovered and 5 families have been supported for small scale business initiatives; these families are successfully running their businesses.
  • An impact study of the program was carried out in 2012 by SWP and Monitoring, Evaluation and Research (MER) team of the Foundation. The study revealed that 73% of the families were female-headed whereas, 27% were male-headed families. The study also showed that major part of the program fund had been utilized on children’s education and food/ration for the family. Without the support of the program it would have been really hard for these families to continue their children’s education and feed them properly.
  • Similarly, a statistical survey was conducted in 2013 from all the existing Sahara Fund beneficiaries regarding their level of satisfaction with financial assistance, team behavior and overall sufficiency level of the support. The survey outcome showed that most of the beneficiaries (67%) were satisfied in terms of the services, financial assistance, team’s behavior, sufficiency level of assistance in meeting their urgent needs.
  • The trained women beneficiaries in Chic work and Marble Mosaic were facilitated and supported for exhibition of their products on different events including cultural exhibition at Lock Virsa, Pakistan, Women’s Day, First Alumni get together of Hashoo Foundation Scholars in 2012 and 2014 respectively.
  • One beneficiary’s son got admission in a university in England, who would complete his CA as well as Diploma in Business Management and Marketing by Dec 2015.
  • 42 out of 65 families have been getting regular financial support

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