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Social Welfare Program

Social Welfare Program (SWP) was initiated in 1988 to support the Afghan refugees in terms of their accommodation, education, food, employment, health and skill development. A large quantum of refugees had been potentially equipped and they started earning sufficient amount for their household. Leading the way ahead HF envisaged Afghan refugees from various cities and empowered them. Later on a major portion of them started returning to Afghanistan owing to the stabilizing situation in their homeland which shrunken the target population.

Therefore, HF revised its program strategy and committed to continue the program by encompassing the vulnerable, underprivileged and marginalized families from across Pakistan.

Under the canopy of Social Protection, Social Welfare Program extended its mode of assistance provision under five sub-thematic areas. Such that the household’s financial situation, the level of potential (in case of small business and skill training), and the level of improvement (in case of medical assistance) were the key pre-requisites of the assistance provision.

Since inception, 95,292 beneficiaries have been benefited through Social Welfare Program.

The prime modes of intervention are:

1. Financial Assistance as Emergency Relief (One-time & Regular)

This avenue involves emergency rehabilitation for the marginalized families undergoing through an unforeseen situation, for instance any man-made or natural calamity, household’s income source ceased etc. The program targets the most vulnerable individuals such as widows, orphans, homeless, abandoned and disabled people. The program further widens its scope for the provision of short-term financial assistance for food, withholding house rent, need based transportation charges for medical cases, and provision of ration on monthly basis for the needy families.

2. Medical Assistance (One-time & regular for the fulfillment of medical dues)

In order to provide health services, HF initiated medical assistance. It is a general assistance program for the underprivileged. Based on the needs, patients receive complete or partial assistance for their treatment. This thematic area covers a partial assistance in all diseases which mainly include: Cancer, Heart diseases, rare disorders such as Gillian Bare Syndrome (GBS), Drug addictions, Cleft Lip, Artificial Limbs. Lab services, hospital charges/surgery cost, medicine, travel, food and accommodation cost are all provided to the patient in case of their long term treatment.

3. Educational Assistance (One-time)

In addition to the existing financial program, HF SWP has been providing educational assistance to the deserving and underprivileged students of target areas. Under this program, HF is partially/fully supporting in fulfilling the educational fee for students of university level / college level/ school level in one of their last two semesters/ last year or in admission fee.

4. Skill Training

Besides the provision of financial assistance, HF is primarily targeted for the provision of marketable skills to the potential deserving individuals, so that they become a functional part and could earn to sustain their household conditions.

5. Small business setup (Assistance within budgetary limits according to the nature of business)

In order to reduce poverty instantly, the Foundation has been providing welfare support to the deserving but potential individuals to establish small scale enterprises/ businesses. The purpose of this initiative is to sustain the source of livelihood by converting it from welfare support to a sustainable business.

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