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Islamabad: Hashoo Foundation (HF) and Zindagi Trust organized a walk at F-9 Park Islamabad to promote the cause of improving access to and quality of education for out of school children. The walk titled as “Walk for Education” aimed to create empathy and awareness about the plights of out of school children as well as to complement the government endeavors of education for all as enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan under the Article 25-A
The walk was inaugurated by Chief Guest Mr. Shah Khawar – Board of Trustee Hashoo Foundation along with Ms. Ayesha Khan – Country Director Hashoo Foundation and Allah Nawaz Samoo renowned Educationist
About 1,000 people from all walks of life including children, representative of civil society and public and private sector and common citizens, attended the event and pledged their support to help the students of underprivileged families from far flung areas of Pakistan who have no access to quality education.
Speaking at the event, Ayesha Khan – Country Director, Hashoo Foundation said that it was the constitutional right of each child to have access to quality education without any discrimination. She expressed hope and optimism that through synergetic efforts between civils society, public and private sector Pakistan would overcome its challenge of education. Highlighting the motivation for the Hashwani family’s philanthropy, Ayesha Khan said that Hashoo Foundation had been striving to translate their vision of improving the quality and access to education by focusing on deprived communities of far-flung areas in Pakistan through scholarships and financial assistance, teachers’ training and professional development initiatives.
Mr. Shah Khawar – Board of Trustees Hashoo Foundation said the budget allocated for education is 2.6 % of National GDP which is not adequate to meet the quality and access demand of education. It is the responsibility of state and every citizen of Pakistan to work hand in hand to contribute towards providing affordable quality education to the children of the poor families. We must make pledge today to stand up to promote the cause of equitable quality education for all.
Speaking on the occasion senior education expert Dr. Allah Nawaz Samoo said that in absence of educational facilities for the poor, their children are left with the only choice to attend religious seminaries which do not have update curriculum to meet the market needs of skills and technical knowledge. He added that education should play a pivotal role to improve quality of life and for that there needed concerted efforts from all stakeholders to improve coordination for education.
During the walk, participants were captivated with face painting, poster competition, Rotary book giveaways and with refreshment stalls.

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