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Women Empowerment through Honey Bee Farming


The successful honey bee farming enterprise model in collaboration with Hashoo Group targeting 314 women beneficiaries was initiated in Gilgit-Baltistan in 2007 and then replicated in Chitral in 2008, to motivate local women bee keepers to adopt better honey bee farming techniques. The honey produced was purchased and distributed by Hashoo Foundation at a premium price as comparing prevailing rates in local market, hence promoting sustainable livelihood in these remote regions.

Since July 2007, Hashoo Foundation has trained and provided production kits to women beekeepers in Gilgit- Baltistan and Chitral through its “Women Empowerment through Honey Bee Faming” – Plan Bee Project – Winner of World Challenge 08 due to its unique and innovative approach.


  • 314 women trained in honey bee farming
  • Imparted value chain development training
  • 600 beehives and production kits distributed
  • 10 women business groups formed
  • Support in market linkages
  • Honey brand developed
  • Income of the beekeepers increased by 30%
  • Enrollment of the children in school increased
  • Involvement of women in decision making increased
  • Decreased dependency
  • Promotion in collective decisions in the community

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