Environment and Climate Change Program

The Environment and Climate Change Program is one of the three key thematic areas of the Foundation. It is a relatively new program, established as an outcome of a strategic repositioning of the Foundation in 2016. Over the course of the past four years, it has emerged as the cornerstone of programmatic synergies at the Foundation, manifested by the resounding success of the SMaRT Approach – conceptualized, implemented, and tailored by the Program since 2018 to suit diverse programmatic and organizational requirements. It aims to steer the Foundation’s mission of enabling and empowering communities to be independent by facilitating equitable access to opportunities and partnering with network communities, organizations, donors, and the academia through the sustainability lens. It has also ventured into sub-programmatic areas including Water, Renewable Energy, and Solid Waste Management.

It has played a fundamental role in fundraising and forging strategic partnerships with the academia and government authorities. Campaigns at the Foundation are synonymous with the Climate Change Program – it has been the only Program over the past four years, that has championed several causes and implemented campaigns on the ground with different stakeholders. Research is also a relatively new function for the Foundation post repositioning – the Program has pioneered Action Research via support grants to students enrolled in universities across the country – consistently over the past two years.

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