Hashoo Humanitarian Program commits full responsibility to observe International Humanitarian Standards as per the Humanitarian Charter, the Minimum Sphere Standards to be implemented during disasters. Hashoo also ensures the  Protection Principles and Core Humanitarian Principled Actions, Standards, Commitments and Quality Criteria.

Core Priorities of Hashoo Humanitarian and Social Development Program:


The Hashoo Humanitarian ethos ensures that communities affected by disasters are resilient, prepared, well equipped, and self-sustainable in terms of recovery and rehabilitation. Hashoo Foundation is then mandated to convert that recovery and rehabilitation process into long term Development, Economic Growth, and Climate Change Adaptation. Hashoo ensures that all programs and initiatives complement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and best practices of knowledge generated through 32 years of its contribution in the development of Pakistan.

The strategic Humanitarian components of Hashoo Trust are;

  • Disaster Risk Reduction, Preparedness and Management
  • Emergency Response
  • Recovery and Rehabilitation

 Disaster Risk Reduction, Preparedness and Management (DRRPM):

Through this component, Hashoo Trust identifies vulnerable communities that are more prone to any type of calamity in Pakistan including Azad Kashmir. To make these communities resilient against disasters, HT focuses on Disaster Awareness Raising activities on a year-round basis. These activities are devised under the recommended literature published through humanitarian experts from the Government Disaster Management Authorities, International Humanitarian Organizations, INGOs, NGOs and Research and Academic institutes and policy guidelines given by Hashoo Foundation.

HT locates most vulnerable communities, and helps to achieve resilience, so that they are  strong enough to effectively manage disasters at local level with disaster ready tools/techniques and strong connections with relevant stakeholders.Humanitarian Governance with Environmental knowledge and protection is another soft component of the Humanitarian strategy as a whole and a sub-sector of DRRPM.

Emergency Relief:

Emergency Response is one of the core strengths of Hashoo services and support for vulnerable communities in remote areas of Pakistan. This support is provided immediately through regional offices, local volunteers, and networks of organizations in the affected areas. HT Emergency Response follows the Emergency Relief Chain that starts from Search and Rescue, Immediate Relief, Early Recovery, Medium to Long Term Recovery, Community Development, and Environmental Concerns.

Recovery and Rehabilitation:

Hashoo Recovery and Rehabilitation services, helps restore  all aspects of a disaster’s impact on a community. It enables communities to return stronger to their economic activities, strengthening the local economy.

Partnership and Networking:

HT like Hashoo Foundation works in partnerships with a strong network of organizations in all provinces of Pakistan including Azad Kashmir.