Inclusive Development


Umeed-e-Noor (UEN) is a nonprofit organization, registered in 1995 under the Voluntary and Social Agencies Ordinance 1961 of the Govt. of Pakistan. Located in Sector H-8/1, Islamabad, it provides a wide range of services to children with hearing impairment, physical and cognitive/intellectual disabilities.

UeN goal is to provide an environment where special needs children can learn to maximize their potential and attain a degree of independence, self-reliance, and confidence to become active and accepted members of society.  Since its creation to date, more than six thousand individuals with special needs have benefited from the quality services of Umeed-e-Noor. UEN has gained an excellent reputation among stakeholders and is a trusted partner for parents of special needs children. Umeed-e-Noor has the potential to become a hub of excellence at the national level expanding its expertise and outreach further across Pakistan.


Currently UeN cater to 98 Day Scholars (Boys:66 Girls:32) under the component of UeN School, Speech Therapy and Physiotherapy. Although as a matter of policy we have phased out our boarding facility, UeN is still supporting 12 boarder’s day and night.  (Boys:04, Girls:08) UeN boarders are between the ages of 25– and 38, with severe mental and physical disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy & mental retardation.



  1. Special Education: Children are referred to UEN by doctors and professionals, as well as parents. We provide children with a highly stimulating learning environment that helps them learn, participate, and grow without pressure. We also have a sports teacher who provides sports instruction to our students so that they can continue to participate in Special Olympics games on regular basis.
  2. Speech and language Therapy: This is a vital part of our program where qualified and trained teachers create an individualized program targeting specific areas of speech and language development. The staff to child ratio in this program is one to one.
  3. Language and Art Program: In order to provide a well-balanced educational experience, we incorporate arts, music, sports, outdoor activities, and social activities in our programs also. The basic focus of our language art program is to enable a child to express, comprehend and communicate. Apart from developing reading and writing skills, we also bring in other forms of communications like a picture exchange communication system and total communication (sign language and verbal cues).
  4. Physiotherapy: The Physiotherapy department at UEN is quite spacious and highly equipped to meet the unique needs of special children. We have a highly specialized team of Physiotherapists, dealing with the variety of Congenital, Developmental, Neuromuscular, Skeletal and Acquired disorders in children. Pediatrics Physiotherapy department provides assessment, treatment and therapeutic programs to any child aged from the newborn to young adult. We work closely with the child and family to promote independence at home and in the community. Conventional therapies do not appeal the children; thus, we incorporate play in most of our therapeutic techniques which is our most important tool in maintaining the child’s interest during therapy.