Building A Life Out of Poverty

Life was getting difficult for Jurbus to fulfill the basic necessities of four family members (3 children and her husband). At times, she had to beg door to door for food. She is Living with her blind husband along with her kids in a single room provided by a landlord in a remote village of district Ghizer, Gilgit-Baltistan.

Jurbus, belongs to a remote valley of Chatorkhand in Ishkoman region of district Ghizer where there were scarcely available livelihood opportunities for women.

Hashoo Foundation at the same time was expanding its plan bee project of women empowerment through the honeybee project in district Ghizer. Considering the deteriorating household conditions, Ms. Jurbus was selected in the Honeybee farming project.

“She was initially provided with 7 days of honey bee farming training and afterwards, a honeybee production kit and 4 beehives were provided. Jurbus, was well acquainted with the bee keeping techniques, as the training was delivered on local language Moreover, a continuous technical supervision was provided to her along-with support for market linkages through honeybee program of Hashoo Foundation to support in selling the produced honey at market rates”.

In the first season she was successful in producing 10 kg of honey from each beehive which she sold at 450kg PKR locally and earned PKR 18000 in the first year. This was a substantial income which benefitted and elevated the entire socio-economic condition of Jurbus. She enrolled her children in school the very next year. Now she is economically independent and supporting her family members”

This intervention not only changed the entire status of Jurbus, but her family came out of the den of poverty from no income level to PKR 6000/- monthly income.