Sustaining Livestock - Strengthening the economic channels

Trainees affectionately taking care of their animals

Promoting Education – Learning through interactive sessions

Nourishing cognitive development of today’s youth

Empowering Women – Transforming lives

Helping the marginalized communities prosper

Educating young minds – Creating a vision

Nurturing children for a better future

Preserving fruits – Empowering individuals

Leading societies towards self-sufficient productivity

Imparting Employable Skills – Sustaining lives

Learning through visual interactions

Training for the real world - Increasing employability

Implementing theoretical knowledge

Cultivating the Imagination - Making knowledge free

Making learning happen through books

Mentoring the Youth - Focusing on each individual

Ensuring the trainees have a better understanding

We envisage an ethical, equitable, inclusive and progressive society in which people live with dignity and have power over their own lives. It is a blessing from God that we have the opportunity to serve humanity irrespective of race, caste, faith or creed. Our mission is to enable and empower communities to be independent by facilitating access to opportunities…

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Thematic Areas

When viewed from the lens of HF’s core competencies, the development needs of the country were distilled into following three thematic program pillars:

  • Economic Empowerment
  • Social Development
  • Environment and Climate Change

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HF has set goals to empower the people of Pakistan providing Education, Better Health and Opportunities of growth. HF targets the following areas:

  • Economic Development
  • Education Program
  • Skills Development Program

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Hashoo Foundation has been supporting various Afghan refugee programs, in Pakistan, since 1999 and has helped to train hundreds of men and women over the past 10 years.

  • Auto Mechanic
  • Auto Electrician

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Together we make a Difference

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